Attic Fan & Whole House Fan

Attic Fan & Whole House Fan


Are you lacking the light you need? Click the the photo above and see how you can brighten your home today with our tubular daylight system.

Attic Fan & Whole House Fan

Attic Fan & Whole House Fan

Attic Fan & Whole House Fan


Better air quality, for a cooler, happier, and healthier home!

Click the photo above to learn about Solatube's Whole House Fan and Attic Fan.



Choose Your Size

Our Solatube daylighting systems offer different tubular

daylighting devices:

160 DS (10")

290 D (14")

Round or Square

Extenion lengths: Up to 30'


Choose Your Diffuser

 We offer a full line of attractive fixtures, both round and square, that create gorgeous spaces in your home with beautiful, diffused light.

Classic Vusion

Just Frost


Tier Drop



Extras, Extras, Extras

 From an integrated solar-powered nightlight to dimming, electric light and ventilation add-ons, you get the options you need to completely control your daylighting environment. 


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Attics Fans & Whole House Fans

When summer hits, you want a solution with serious power to vent the heat from your attic. Our Solatube Attic fan can pull hear from your structure reducing energy costs. It also removes humidity preventing decay, moisture and mold buildup. See how our Attic Fan can help you save today in addition to the federal tax credit.

In addition to the benefits of our solar-powered attic fans, homeowners who install Solatube’s powered Whole House Fans to cool their living spaces benefit from having their attics cooled as well.  Refresh your home in minutes. Cool your home, remove stale air, improve air quality and create a healthier living space for you and your family.

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